Increasingly, I’m being asked to get involved in leadership programmes within companies that are looking at a ‘Coach Approach’ across their organisation.

What does this mean?

A coach approach is a culture which involves everyone in the business.

We think that coaching is a wonderful approach to take in life and doesn’t need to just be limited to the use of coaches – it can be used by anyone, with excellent results.

Master Coach, Pamela Richarde describes it thus,

“Coaching is an approach that can be distilled and made available to anyone who has a respectful enquiring approach to other human beings.  It will get fast results.  It can improve personal and professional performance, dramatically”.

So in meetings, over coffee, corridor conversations and any other interactions staff can adopt various coaching approaches, such as:

  • Presence – being present and holding the space for someone – really listening to the other person, rather than focusing on the next thing you want to say.  It may be that you’re not available at that time – and that’s OK – just let them know when you can be.
  • Open and Curious – you ‘park’ your own dialogue and commentary and are open to and curious about what the other person is saying – and that means being open to other ways of looking at things, even being open to not knowing.
  • Honouring that person – believing that the person you’re listening to does have the answers and may just need you to ask the right question.

If you’d like to talk more about a coach approach for your organisation, or find out about our business packages, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how it can work for you.