“Behind every successful woman, is herself.’’ – Unknown


Typically, strong female candidates that are talented, with the potential to take an organisation to the next level are A.C.E:

  • ambitious
  • committed
  • educated


However, it’s not just down to these attributes; an organization, which nurtures a female in the workplace, has a significant impact on her ability to succeed.  Organisations must provide opportunities for talented women to develop the skills they need and nominate them for board openings.  Through development of female networks and introducing women to international markets, businesses extend their women’s knowledge and experience, thus supporting their advancement into managerial and senior leadership roles.


Notably successful women are those who are true to themselves, facing their challenges and following their hearts in all situations. The possibilities are endless.


The timing could not be better. This is the dawn of a new era for women, and also, a new era for men.  Together, men and women can embrace gender balance and equality, working in partnership, in organisations where the culture encourages and nurtures the opportunities to do so.  As businesses pave the way for female talent to grow, an equilibrium can be reached, understood and developed in whole new ways. By investing in the female talent, business will grow and prosper in new directions.


Now is the time to foster opportunities for women and it is fortuitous that there is a movement towards the progression female talent.  As more and more women obtain advanced education degrees, throw themselves into opportunities in business and industry, and are inspired by other women who occupy leadership roles, it is not unreasonable to assert that a gender shift in leadership dynamics over the next several decades is imminent.  No longer do women have to choose between family and career.  In most businesses, they are not mutually exclusive choices and technical advances mean that flexible working is not only possible, but the only way of working.   No longer are they judged for their choices


The businesses that support women with the many challenges they face, such as childcare and elder care, are the ones, which will benefit from the skills of this emerging talent pool and the new business that they can generate.


If you’d like to talk more about how we can support your business grow its female talent or use leadership coaching for women for your organisation, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how it can work for you.