A new role is a time of change… it can be exciting or uncertain, combining all sorts of emotions.  Whatever our feelings are, which we can explore, we will be applying past experience to dealing with the change and invariably we want a positive outcome.  We may have doubts, we may be like an over-excited puppy, we may be moving organisation or may have a new role within a familiar environment (which has a whole set of challenges to do with a changing identity).

Talking through your preparation with a coach will help you to identify what it is you want; how you want to be in your new role, how you want to come across and how you want to perform.  Once these goals are understood, we will explore the emotions and language you’re using when you’re talking about it, as this can be the key to unlock any limiting beliefs you might be holding.  Conversely, if you’re mostly excited and full of confidence, we can go straight to focusing on your desired outcomes – how you want to perform and what you want to achieve… and how you will go about doing that.  We’ll look at what resources you have available to you to come up a level, be it your network, training, books or what resources you may need to acquire, which may include some new habits and practices to develop into the best version of yourself.

Every scenario will be different, just as every person is different; your coach listens and your journey with them will be unique to what you need, moving you forward to achieve your goals.