Women are the next emerging market and the smart organisations will lead the push in female progression, they will identify the talent within their business and also, recruit in line with this strategy.

Seek talent early

Many women are now earning advanced degrees; the best place to identify the freshest talent is the universities.  Smart companies develop a creative and targeted approach to graduate recruitment, establishing their brand as employers of choice for the most talented women applicants.

Help women build networks

It is of fundamental importance that the top talent in emerging markets feels valued. Networking and relationship building are central to strengthening engagement and commitment, helping women develop the ties, visibility and organisational understanding essential to progressive professional success.   Smart organizations are creating such networks to support women in combatting isolation, gaining visibility and achieving their ambitions.

Give women overseas experience

Statistically, women are more likely to break through the glass ceiling in global companies if they have had exposure to working overseas at least for short periods.  However, in many cases, these assignments are most effective when companies can provide flexibility and support to lighten the burden on spouses and families.

Develop communities outside the organisation

Programmes aimed at increasing opportunities for development and more responsibility within the company produces successful results for professional women, and it is key to help them build relationships with their clients, customers and communities in the business landscape.  These external networks serve two functions: firstly, they create a broader support system for women, who are juggling situations—very critical if there are few role models at the top.  Secondly, they strengthen the relationships that support them in attaining desired business results.

The road to smashing the glass ceiling is long, but some companies are already accelerating the process by ensuring that they attract and retain the most talented women available. This not only improves the businesses’ prospects but also has a significant effect on the women they employ.  The truth is that women are at the forefront of change, shaping the very world in which they live and the smart organization doesn’t hesitate to lead the way in female progression by developing specific and focused development programmes for women for this very purpose.

If you’d like to talk more about development and coaching programmes for women in leadership for women for your organisation, or find out more about our coaching for women leaders, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how it can work for you.