I offer coaching to students to help motivate, organise their time and plan their
study and revision in time for all important exams.

After some shaky AS Level exams, a mother contacted me to coach her daughter. After our first session, two things were apparent; one was to do with motivation to study and the other was the huge size of the looming elephant in the following Easter and Summer, which were the A Level exams.
We worked together on finding effective strategies for study and creating a subject level plan for the next 3 months. This cut the elephant into smaller chunks and thus made it all seem more manageable. Then we made sure that within the daily and weekly routine there was ‘down time’ which we called ‘treats’ to ensure that we rewarded hard work with fun activities, recognising that she was a teenager with a social life.
After 4 sessions in two months, we dropped down to 6 weekly check-ins and then ramped up again to create and monitor/adjust a revision plan in the run up to exams. I am pleased to say she achieved her first choice University.
A Level Student preparing for exams, The Balance House Limited


Achieve the academic results you want

Slide13The student days can be very pressurised. In the 6th form leading up to University or College choices, effective study can make the difference between one University and another.  Investing in coaching at this time can work on motivation and organise students’ time.  Students are young people too.  They need fun as well as to work hard, so we make sure that their hard work is peppered with rewards along the way; just small treats which keep the motivation up.  We also look at the huge mountain of 2 or 3 years’ work that culminates in an exam, and cut the mountain down into daily, weekly and monthly practices that achieve results.

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