I offer coaching to mums returning to work after a career break.  We will work on what you need to do to get you happily settled back into employment and to re-ignite your career.

Marie is a mum with then 4 and 7 year old sons. Since they are both now in school, she decided to return to corporate work.
She hadn’t worked in 10 years, her CV was out of date and the jobs that were listed on there were long forgotten. She was under confident, especially about an interview, but also just working back in a corporate environment.
The coaching looked first at some of the limiting beliefs and internal talk that were underpinning that lack of confidence, and then at confidence building work. This took us to look at the various roles she had; mother, wife, daughter and professional, and how they could be balanced and integrated.

On an employment front, we worked on interview techniques and CV writing, tapping into existing resources and finding new ones. We worked on anchoring positive states from the other roles, and applying them to new situations, using mental rehearsal and timelines to future pace into positive outcomes, addressing any sabotaging interrupts along the way. Marie has since been working in a FTSE100 company.

Case Study: Marie - a Mum returning to work, The Balance House Limited

Get back into employment!

You worked for some years.  You have a CV that lists roles and responsibilities that may seem like a distant memory.  You may have been senior in your field, and now you’re not sure how to get back in where you left off, when the world has moved on in the meantime.  You may be struggling to work out how you’re going to fit in your work with your new roles of motherhood, balancing your desire to be a great mum with a desire or need to be back working.

We can look at your priorities and constraints.  We can work on your self confidence and any feelings and beliefs you have around what sort of work you can do.   We can work on steps to get you ready for work, interviews and reaching out to your network.  We can get you back working at the level you were before, and then look at any hopes and aspirations you may have to take that further.

I mostly coach via Skype, Webex or telephone, so I can coach internationally or when you have the children in the house.  Read more about the value of coaching and what happens in a session here.

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  • Increase your confidence
  • Develop strategies to get you back to work
  • Look at any conflicting thoughts around your different roles.