I offer coaching to those in positions of senior leadership, where time is so scarce that it’s hard to think strategically

James is a regular client who I see twice a month every month. He has found that the higher up organisations he has gone, the busier he has become, yet the greater the need to take time to think and plan strategically… but the less time he has available to do exactly that. He has all the answers he needs; he just needs the time to step back and reflect. Sometimes, our sessions are over in less that 30 minutes, as that’s all he needs to come up with the steps he needs to take to make something that he’s stuck on move.
His stress levels have significantly lowered and his personal effectiveness and leadership delegations have increased.
James, a Senior Executive, The Balance House Limited

Find the time you need to think strategically!

You haven’t got to where you are today without a high level of competence.  Coaching is not mentoring; it isn’t giving you answers where you don’t have them.  What it does is asks you questions and gives you the thinking time so that you can find the answers… even if it’s who to delegate something to or how best to communicate in a tricky situation.  The higher up the organisations we go, the busier we get, the less time we have to think things through properly, the less time we have to plan strategy.  Instead, we fire-fight and bat off challenges in super-quick time.  That works for a while, but soon it gets so that you’re constantly dealing with challenge after challenge and that road leads to stress.  Stress impacts all areas of our lives, from our health to our family life, as well as our work life.

Coaching gives you the time to step away for a minute and see the wood in the trees… to see what’s right in front of you and to tap into your own wisdom to guide yourself to the best answers.

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  • Give yourself time to think strategically
  • Reinforce leadership behaviours to inspire
  • Step away for a moment to view things from a different stance