I offer coaching for school children, for life skills, self-confidence and or support leading up to and during exams.

After some shaky AS Level exams, a mother contacted me to coach her daughter. After our first session, two things were apparent; one was to do with motivation to study and the other was the huge size of the looming elephant in the following Easter and Summer, which were the A Level exams.
We worked together on finding effective strategies for study and creating a subject level plan for the next 3 months. This cut the elephant into smaller chunks and thus made it all seem more manageable. Then we made sure that within the daily and weekly routine there was ‘down time’ which we called ‘treats’ to ensure that we rewarded hard work with fun activities, recognising that she was a teenager with a social life.
After 4 sessions in two months, we dropped down to 6 weekly check-ins and then ramped up again to create and monitor/adjust a revision plan in the run up to exams. I am pleased to say she achieved her first choice University.
A Level Student preparing for exams, The Balance House Limited


  • Keep your motivation high
  • Develop study habits that work for you
  • Plan your revision and study timetables

Give your child the best start!

We want our children to be happy and healthy, and we want them to do well at school, because we want the best for them and to give them the best future possible.  All children are different – they have different strengths, different personalities, different preferences.  It could be nature, it could be nurture – it doesn’t matter – the result is that they are all different.  School resources are mostly aimed at groups of children collected by age or ability.  Some schools are good at focusing on those with obvious potential, others at those who need the most support.  Some schools struggle to help the ‘average’ child to shine.

School children seem to be under a lot of pressure.  This can be in the form of peer pressure, self-confidence issues, self-belief issues or academic pressure.  There may even be or have been bullying.  The academic pressure is often in the form of looming tests.  In the private school system, there are common entrance exams at 11+ and 13+ which need to be studied for and will impact which senior school your child ends up in and therefore their future.  Some children take this in their stride, while some need support to cope with these different pressures.

Personalised coaching supports your child’s individual journey through school and balancing it with play and ‘down time’.

Coaching also can provide your child with life skills specific to their needs.  It may be that they lack self-confidence or self-belief, or struggle to make friends or are worried about something.  They may have a performance they are preparing for or it may be a more systemic change they want to make.

In the curriculum, these sorts of activities come under PSHE Personal Social Health and Economic Education and Pastoral Care provided by the school.

  • Coping with exams – study strategies and coping with nerves
  • Mindfulness techniques to cope with stress
  • Interpersonal skills, such as making friends and influencing others
  • Confidence building
  • Interview techniques for prospective schools and scholarships
  • Dealing with concerns and worries
  • Being an advocate for your child as they workout their way through school

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