I offer coaching to people at the time of retirement to plan their lives to be fulfilled and secure. 

I  can work internationally, using Skype and Webex, so if you’re in another country or travelling, that’s no problem.



Alastair was at a stage in his life where his youngest child had left the nest and he and his wife could focus on their dreams. He had some ideas about what those dreams were, but they were little more formed than that.
We initially looked at the balance of his whole life and his satisfaction with it which led us to areas he really wanted to address. We did some work (and he did lots of homework!) detailing specific outcomes, timescales, resources and importantly the next steps to move them on. He also did a large mind map, which allowed him to adjust what was really important and work on it with his wife. It brought up lots of limiting and out dated beliefs and thoughts about what he felt he deserved and what was really stopping him achieving some of his dreams.
It has been a real pleasure to work with him; he does some great journaling and self improvement in between our sessions, so there is always much to discuss. We’ve had 3 sessions a month for 4 months and will resume after another couple of months, or as he feels the need arises.
Getting out of the Rat Race and Achieving Dreams

Plan for a retirement of your dreams!

A time of retirement can be a time of great uncertainty.  You may be really excited to have all this new time to yourself, which you want to plan for fulfillment… or you may be worried that you’ll be at a loose end without the anchor and routine of work. You may be confident with your financial arrangements, or be wondering how it’s all going to work.

There maybe some activities that you’ve always wanted to try, skills or study that you’ve always wanted to learn, travel you’ve always wanted to do.  I can help you come up with and order your thoughts, dreams and aspirations.  We can create plans and find roles for you now that you are retired and fulfilling ways to spend your time.  We can talk about your concerns and take control of your future.  You can find out more about the value of coaching and what happens in a session here.

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  • Take control of your future
  • Think about what is possible that you’ve always put off
  • Lead a fulfilling life of retirement