I offer coaching packages into organisations.  These can be part of a talent development programme, a new culture initiative or at a time of organisational change.

Edward was a very experienced senior telecoms engineer, with some goals around personal development in the work place; both to improve some of his people skills and to develop himself for promotion.
We did some coaching around an issue he felt he had where he felt he didn’t ‘suffer fools’, which was displayed by being dismissive, intolerant, impatient or talking over those whom he felt were less experienced or knowledgeable than himself in a particular subject. We did some coaching around becoming aware of what happened just before such a dismissal; what he noticed in his thinking, his emotional state, his physiology, etc. Then Edward identified some steps he could use as an interrupt, so that he could consciously choose how to behave, rather than follow his habitual response to a dismissal. The key here was his becoming aware beforehand, so that he could choose how to be more present for the other person, and perhaps coach or mentor them as appropriate to find a solution in the situation, rather than takeover.

We also worked on influencing skills, to bring his communication up to liaison with senior management to prepare him for promotion.

Edward, Senior Engineer, Middle Management, The Balance House Limited


Packages to meet your organisation’s needs

Organisations and industries are different it many ways, but those that invest in their people receive a return in tangible business terms.  Using external coaches, you can tailor these investments for individuals’ development needs.

The sorts of packages we deliver are for:

A typical package for a team of 10 or 12 can involve my coming into your business one day a week to see 5 or 6 people, and each of those people gets a session twice a month – depending on numbers.  Alternatively, it can all be done remotely, using Skype or Webex or your own conferencing software.  I have associates so that I can ramp up as necessary.  With the exception of the first, which is an hour, sessions are normally 30 to 45 mins.

 Senior management find the coaching sessions really useful, since they’re usually so busy that they don’t have the time to think strategically and just 30 mins with a coach allows them to.  For middle management and Grads, it’s more about their professional skills development and preparing them for the next level.

 Read more about the value of coaching and what happens in a session here.

 We can facilitate a cultural change within an organisation too.  Have a read of my blog post about introducing a Coach Approach.

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