Coaching packages are all tailored to fit.  They are sometimes part of a wider programme of staff development and training, such as for the leadership, a specific team, or role, or for individuals identified for fast track management or for senior executives.  We often work with a company to install a coach-approach through the leadership teams.  This coaching culture then permeates through the teams and leads to high performance and a growth mindset.

Packages for individual roles are often monthly retainers to include 2 sessions a month on an ongoing basis.  Sometimes when included in a training initiative or programme, they are a set number of sessions for each person.

All coaching can be done remotely, by Skype, Webex or telephone, so can easily be delivered for the travelling executive or geographically desperate teams.

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Case studies

Here are some case studies of some corporate and business coaching that The Balance House has delivered, to illustrate the some of the coaching we offer.

Edward was a very experienced senior telecoms engineer, with some goals around personal development in the work place, both to improve some of his people skills and to develop himself for promotion.

We did some coaching around an issue he felt he had where he felt he didn’t ‘suffer fools’, which was displayed by being dismissive, intolerant, impatient or talking over those whom he felt were less experienced or knowledgeable than himself in a particular subject.  We did some coaching around becoming aware of what happened just before such an event; what he noticed in his thinking, his emotional state, his physiology, etc.  Then Edward identified some steps he could use as an interrupt, so that he could consciously choose how to behave, rather than follow his habitual response to a dismissal.  The key here was his becoming aware beforehand, so that he could choose how to be more present for the other person, and perhaps coach or mentor them as appropriate to find a solution in the situation, rather than takeover.

We also worked on influencing skills, to bring his communication up to a level where he could easily and comfortably liaise with senior management to prepare him for promotion.

James is a regular client who I see twice a month every month. He has found that the higher up organisations he has gone, the busier he has become, yet the greater the need to take time to think and plan strategically… but the less time he has available to do exactly that. He has all the answers he needs; he just needs the time to step back and reflect. Sometimes, our sessions are over in less that 30 minutes, as that’s all he needs to come up with the steps he needs to take to make something that he’s stuck on move. His stress levels have significantly lowered and his personal effectiveness and leadership delegations have increased.
I was brought into a company to coach a Project Manager who had been promoted up from an project admin role. She was very keen to learn and we worked on maturing some of her communication skills so that she could function at the next level in the business. This involved working on influencing skills and building rapport by her identifying what resources she had available and which she needed to learn or acquire. We used various techniques to work through tricky relationships, to build empathy and awareness of her network. We worked through some early knocks in confidence and perceived failures by addressing a heavy feeling of responsibility and a perception that asking for help is failure.
Kate Cantellow
Kate CantellowCoach and owner of the Balance House
Kate has worked in high pressure FTSE100 corporations most of her career, and has been coaching, both within the business environment and in private practice, since 2005. Read more»

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