What is coaching?

It’s no mistake that the word ‘coach’ is the same as the word for a vehicle to take you on a journey… as that is also what coaching does – it takes you from a current state or situation to a new one.  Coaching is a valuable conversation.  We will agree what you want to get out of the session, what you want to talk about and we journey towards that end, exploring what comes up as you move towards a successful outcome.

One of the lovely things about having a coach is that someone goes on the journey with you…. they are your advocate, and as they stand by your side, they offer a different perspective from what you’re seeing, so they enrich the view.  They notice things that you may not have – both about yourself and what you’re seeing or feeling.  They allow you to explore what else you’re good at.

I am an experienced and qualified coach.  I love coaching. Let me help you.

Why work with a coach?  A coach is someone…

  • to be completely present with you
  • who cares about what you are talking about
  • who supports you to achieve your dreams and aspirations
  • who challenges you to look at your habits and question your beliefs
  • who asks the right questions to allow you to think to understand
  • who challenges you to take the next steps on your journey
  • external and can help you see the wood for the trees
  • who holds a space for you

How can coaching help you?

  • Defining and reaching your goals
  • Finding your purpose
  • Changing habit
  • Finding solutions and ideas when you’re stuck with something
  • Changing the way you react to things or deal with things
  • Dealing with those things that nag you that you
    wish you’d always done or tried
  • Career change or progression
  • Rewiring your limiting beliefs
  • Building your confidence and self-esteem or influencing skills
  • Dealing with life-changing events

Take a look at some of my client case studies.


What happens in a coaching session and how many will I need?

Coaching packages can be tailored to requirements and we can discuss what will work best.  Most clients opt for a monthly retainer to include two sessions a month on an ongoing basis.  Some clients prefer three sessions a month.  Sometimes, when a specific goal is aimed for, a six session package is signed up for.

The first session follows a small amount of preparation by the client and is normally an hour long togo through the package and discuss input preparation.  Subsequent sessions are normally 30 to 45 minutes and are usually held via Skype, Webex or telephone, but can be held in person as necessary.

Have a look at the private packages and the business packages designed for corporates and book yourself a free session.


I hired Kate to provide some professional career coaching for a member of my team recently promoted from project coordinator to project manager to assist in the staff’s transition of roles.

Kate provided an excellent service and has made a significant difference to the performance of the staff member. The staff member has increased in confidence and has told me she thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience. I will definitely use Kate again.

I was coached by Kate over several months and found her to be a constant source of inspiration, motivation and support.

She helped me to identify opportunities to improve the way I worked and, equally importantly, helped me to recognise my existing strengths.

I always found Kate to be open, honest and knowledgeable, and felt I really benefited from her business experience and insight.

Kate has been my coach for a period of time now and has helped me grow and develop.

The sessions have exceeded my expectations and I would recommend what she has done with no reservations.

Case studies

When Marie’s children started school, she wanted to return to work, however she lacked confidence and was struggling to see how she could balance her various roles as mother, wife, and professional. Read more
Kate was brought into a company to coach a Project Manager who had been promoted up from an project admin role. The employee was keen to learn, but needed coaching support to increase her confidence and mature some of her communication and influencing skills. Read more
Kate was brought in by a mother whose daughter had had some shaky AS Level exam results. After an initial session, it was clear that motivation and the looming A Level exams were points of concern. We worked together on finding effective study and planning strategies for the upcoming exams. Read more

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