Previous McKinsey studies have highlighted that the inclusion of women in leadership roles develops excellent, and even outstanding, performance.  Women and men working together at senior levels offer more intelligence with a diversity of talent focused on solving problems and fostering innovation. Yet, for example in the USA, to this day only 14% of women sit on executive committees and only 3% are CEOs of top firms.

Women who manage to achieve such senior roles demonstrate great resilience, work ethic, results-orientation, persistence and leadership.  Businesses hoping to grow their talent pool of female leaders should adopt hands-on leadership, pervasive sponsorship and strong accountability, which is supported by reliable feedback and measurement to evaluate success.

Achieving significant female representation at Board level is challenging.  Female focused leadership coaching is aimed at improving the female talent pipeline for businesses who have realised the commercial benefits of retaining and developing their finest female employees.

Female focused leadership coaching has many benefits:

  • unlocking the full potential and improve performance of the individual
  • identifying potential individuals and engaging early. This investment leads to greater retention and progression
  • improves gender diversity at senior levels
  • encourages commercial collaboration across departments as well as personal support creates a stronger female peer network
  • developing an increased performance level from a group of high potential women has clear bottom line impact in current roles and ongoing and improves business performance

Female focused leadership coaching isn’t about telling women what to do, or how to ‘fix’ or change, but instead nurturing them to unlock their strengths and maximize their opportunities through authentic interactions.  Coaching works with them on their current situations and challenges and allows them to develop into outstanding leaders.

This is achieved by:

  • Know thyself –  helping women achieve clarity on their strengths, drivers and passions; strengthening their strengths to leverage their areas of development.
  • Hone their style – remaining true to themselves and their intuition, adjust their behaviours and beliefs to become the best version of themselves.
  • Forward thinking –  enabling individuals to understand options, explore  goals, and proactively choose their progression.
  • Offering a coaching programme –  helping women develop the authentic leadership styles, skills, attitudes and habits so they can attain their career potential.
  • Creating a Coaching Culture – to grow the workforce talent through leadership and empowerment with coaching conversations.

Sisters are doing it for themselves:  Carpe Diem

So if you’re an ambitious woman, examine you options and wisely choose your path, balanced by what makes you most happy and fulfilled (without fulfilment, you’ll never have the energy to “make it” no matter what path you choose).  Ensure that career progression up and out are both available to you and investigate both before you begin working the internal mechanics of advancement, or decide to leave, or remain.   Choose organisations that support you.

Should you elect to stay, it is not a game, focus on leadership and be a leader.  Be the change you want to see.  Be self-aware.  Understand your own biases, strengths and weaknesses and focus on your strengths and balance you’re weakness. Seek to understand

Don’t be afraid, apologise, or be embarrassed to ask for what you want and need. Look for sponsors and mentors within the organisation to help you and aim high.   Choose a company that understands, assert ways you can be helped.  Ask the company to plot their own female leadership development pipeline. Encourage other women to join you. Don’t stop. Go.

If you’d like to talk more about leadership coaching for women in your organisation, or find out more about our coaching for women leaders or business packages please do get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how it can work for you.