The nature of modern business is to change. The most flexible companies are generally the most successful.  However, this change can take its toll on the individuals and teams that work in these organisations.   Change is inevitable; individual resilience and their consistent performance within that change environment are the key to any organisation’s success.  Coaching optimizes individual strengths and abilities. It grows and empowers the individual to deliver a higher performance.

The benefit of coaching is that it’s tailored to the individual, providing on the job learning, which is relevant to their current situation. Coaching can really shifts things, often through behavioural change, and this means that the individual, team or project can move forward with momentum and direction immediately.  Simply by changing one cog in an organisation’s system, the result can change the entire system.  Significant evolution happens organically, so this systemic shifting is crucial for fast implementation of change in line of the business requirements.

Since the 1980s, employees have become responsible for their own career development, rather than reliant on management to plot out their destiny.  This empowerment means that each employee needs self-reliance to compel their career circumstances.  Using their skills and contributing to the success of the business is given in exchange for personal development and opportunity.  Leaders must coach their staff in order to engage in delivering continuous career development and thereby contribute to the success of the business. This is the coach approach.

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