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Women in leadership roles, under pressure, high achievers, high stress… and eating disorders

The balance of women in senior positions in the work place is finally starting to shift a little, as the ‘lean in’ practices of women following Sheryl Sandberg’s great advice, (which I talk about in an earlier blog post… start to take effect. However, over a breakfast meeting with a client a couple of [...]

Flexing your leadership style – to the Team and the Situation

Leading a team can be complex – the strongest, high performing teams have members with a wide variety of strengths.  The members are all individuals and are all different.  This means that you have to adapt your leadership style to the individual.  Some of them may be ‘cloud thinkers’, some of them may be detailed [...]

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Festive Wishes – Season’s Greetings

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The Leader and Delegation

You've had your promotion - you are now in a position of management... you have a team who are doing what you used to do.  You are an expert in what they do.  You are so good at it and that is why you are now leading the team... so how do you now change [...]

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How Virtual Teams Achieve Optimum Performance

Today's post features a perspective paper written by Kate Cantellow.  Kate's “Project Excellence” article examines an issue which is becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern day workforce; how to overcome the unique challenges posed by ‘project teams’ and reach levels of high performance and collaboration within those teams. - - - Increasingly, more and more [...]

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Business coaching unlocks female potential

Previous McKinsey studies have highlighted that the inclusion of women in leadership roles develops excellent, and even outstanding, performance.  Women and men working together at senior levels offer more intelligence with a diversity of talent focused on solving problems and fostering innovation. Yet, for example in the USA, to this day only 14% of women [...]

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Finding Unrecognised Female Talent

Women are the next emerging market and the smart organisations will lead the push in female progression, they will identify the talent within their business and also, recruit in line with this strategy. Seek talent early Many women are now earning advanced degrees; the best place to identify the freshest talent is the universities.  Smart [...]

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Women Emerge As The Next Business Frontier

In 2013 Ernst & Young published a report stating; ‘Over the next decade, the impact of women on the global economy will be at least as significant as that of China and India.’ Women represent half of the global population and yet for a long time have been largely ignored as a vital talent resource. [...]

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Nurture female talent to take your organisation to the next level

“Behind every successful woman, is herself.’’ - Unknown   Typically, strong female candidates that are talented, with the potential to take an organisation to the next level are A.C.E: ambitious committed educated   However, it’s not just down to these attributes; an organization, which nurtures a female in the workplace, has a significant impact on [...]

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Business must embrace a coach approach now

The nature of modern business is to change. The most flexible companies are generally the most successful.  However, this change can take its toll on the individuals and teams that work in these organisations.   Change is inevitable; individual resilience and their consistent performance within that change environment are the key to any organisation’s success. [...]

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